AntiGravity® Class Descriptions


AntiGravity® Fundamentals 1

Discover the power, excitement and pure joy of moving freely in all directions of open space. This class uses the Harrison Antigravity®  Yoga Hammock in an interesting and exciting way to improve stretch quality. 

You will learn how to safely practice inversions. The Antigravity® hammock is perfect for placing your spine and pelvis in traction and reversing the effects of gravity on your spine. It also provides deep tissue massage and a great proprioceptive challenge.  

AntiGravity® Fundamentals 2

This class will take your yoga experience above the mat to a new level with us in AntiGravity® Yoga.  Through the use of hammocks suspended from the ceiling you will experience a workout unlike any other.  Total inversion without compression in the neck and shoulders, deep tissue massage, release of fascia, balance and proprioceptive awareness takes this workout beyond yoga.

Our class size is small (no more than 5 participants) with hands-on-instruction and an emphasis on safety. You will literally hang upside down, bringing blood flow to the spinal discs and stimulation to the lymphatic system and ‘good’ hormones. Look at the world from a whole new perspective and have fun while you work out!  

AntiGravity® Cocooning

Supercharging the power nap with a 30-45 class that will take you through basic  stretching and mobility sequences before placing you into the cocoon for a guided meditation.     

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