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Flotation Therapy , as in Flotation R.E.S.T. (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy), means to lie suspended in a supersaturated saline solution. The high concentration of Epsom salts in the solution allows the body to be completely buoyant. You can freely float on the water without any special breathing technique or muscle contraction. In this zero gravity state all muscle groups can lastingly relax, causing the spine and joints to decompress and allowing the healing processes to begin.


Floatation has been proven to alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression while also increasing mental clarity and focus. It has been proven to reduce pain, inflammation, and migraines. These are just some of the many benefits associated with continued floatation therapy use and the float pod is fast becoming the go-to for escaping the detrimental effects of today's high pressure, plugged-in, and fast-paced environment. 


A flotation pod is a container filled with Epsom salt and water in which you can experience this state of weightlessness. The water has the same temperature as the outside surface of the skin. The quietness and darkness (if you choose) will allow your mind to drift into a deep state of relaxation. This will leave you in a dream-like state, similar to that experienced just before going to sleep. In this state of relaxation, which may be deep and profound, your brain will stay dreamily alert. To get technical, the brain gradually shifts from its waking beta state to generate theta waves. This is the state of mind Buddhist monks try to reach through years of training . 


The cleanest float environment possible for each and every guest. After the floating session is over, the entire volume of water is emptied automatically and is cycled twice through four filtration methods. The pod is manually cleaned and sanitized after every guest. If there is no float session during the day, the pod stays empty and the system will automatically circulate the water every two hours. The water regeneration process consists of chemical, physical and mechanical cleaning methods, achieving a flawless result. The pod’s antibacterial material and the disinfection performed on the inner surface of the float pod after each session provides a clean, safe environment for the perfect sensory-controlled relaxation experience. 

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