Sound Healing

Available for a private session or a group class

An energizing and relaxing session on its own or in addition to your float/massage session.

Our sound healing sessions combine crystal bowls and gongs in a relaxing environment that feels like home.


Dating back as far as the 12th century, singing bowls have been used throughout Asia for meditation, ritual, and ceremonial purposes. The sound produced by these  bowls is quite similar to a gong or a bell.

Used in sound healing therapy, singing bowls are believed to calm and repair the mind as well as reduce stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure, improve breathing and circulation, alleviate aches and pains, strengthen the immune system, and improve your mood.

No matter the session our historic building acts as a healing musical instrument taking in the sound and transforming the vibration all the way to our souls.

Our group sessions are held in our yoga room with options to lie on a yoga mat with bolster or to sway effortlessly cocooned in a silk hammock. Your choice as the first to arrive get the best options! 

Individual sessions are held on our newly renovated third floor that once was home to the servants. This is now known as "The Nest". This beautiful and tranquil space can only be appreciated in person.

Not only does sound healing feel good, low frequency vibrations:

  • Penetrate every cell of your body, creating a relaxation response.
  • Send energy through each part of the body, energizing every cell leaving you invigorated.
  • Overcome the chaotic frequencies that attack our bodies throughout the day (noise, electricity, cell phones, traffic, etc.), by creating a consistent vibration in each part of the body including all the organs.
  • Harmonize your body back into its natural consistent vibrational state, creating a peace that is natural to your system
  • Drive energy from cell to cell, clearing blockages and stimulating neural pathways.


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