Flotation Therapy


We offer three beautiful private float suites complete with personal shower and all the amenities you need. Floating helps to relieve stress, recover from injuries, fight addiction, eliminate chronic pain, and much more, including PTSD. After each floating session our pods are fully drained (100%) and cycled twice through four filtration methods and manually cleaned and sanitized. Our pods are so large enough to fit a 7'3" athlete comfortably.  

Aerial Yoga


Looking for an exhilarating new experience? Have fun and feel great with AntiGravity® Fitness Yoga. Through the use of hammocks suspended from the ceiling, you will experience a workout unlike any other. Total inversion without compression in the neck and shoulders, deep tissue massage, release of fascia, balance and awareness take this workout beyond yoga. Classes are small to allow for hands-on instruction that will have you literally hanging upside down. Can hold up to 500 pounds! Don't let this rejuvinating experience discourage you. 

Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna


Infrared Saunas 7X STRONGER than traditional sauna. The combination of Near, Far and Mid infrared frequencies provide a number of health benefits including Relaxation, Skin Rejuvenation, Pain Relief, Weight Loss and more.The heat produced by the infrared rays is absorbed by your body and sparks your metabolism allowing for a detoxification that is 7X stronger system tailors your session to emit a custom combination of these ray frequencies to achieve the desired outcome. VIDEO  

Massage Therapy

massage, couple massage, stone massage, deep tissue massage

There are almost as many types of massage available as there are benefits to the practice. When determining what type of massage you want it is important to align the specific massage therapy with the result you are seeking. We can then match it to your specific needs. Swedish massage is very popular but is one type of massage that is not for everyone. By looking at its benefits, you can decide if Swedish massage might be best for you.  

Massage Chair


In a Nutshell this is the first massage chair engineered to help fix your posture, reduce pain throughout your entire body, and help you fall asleep. The massage rollers and air bags are so powerful they can help relieve chronic pain all over the body while the various air cells are able to grab every part of the muscle to give the body a tight squeeze that makes you feel alive again.